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St Stephens Church Rednal
Celebrating 70 Years

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Church Services 

At St Stephens we offer a wide variety of services. 

Weddings, Funerals and many more. 

To find out more and get in contact with us, click here

St Stephens Community Hall

Our Community hall is available to hire throughout the year

A functional open space.

We are working towards an online booking request form. Watch this space!

Uniformed Groups 

St Stephens is proud to have Uniformed groups met here regularly.

Check our Uniformed Group tabs at the top of the page for details on your chosen group



 We welcome you to the website of St Stephen the Martyr. We are a Friendly and welcoming Anglican Church at the heart of the community in Rednal, Birmingham, where we embrace everyone and share the love of Christ to all. Our mission is to spread the gospel of Christ and being vessels through which the light of Christ is revealed to the world.

Our church tradition is Anglo-Catholic but we do our best to make worship and services accessible to everyone (eg family friendly worship), regardless of the tradition they are comfortable with or inclined to. In essence, you will definitely find God when you worship with us. We believe in being disciples of Jesus and our teachings are aimed at helping us to become much better Christians as Christ expects of us. Our services and activities schedule are listed on another page on this website.

As a church, we have links with Spring harvest which many of our members attend annually and we are also actively involved with Christian Aids, helping to raise funds annually through the kind and generous donations of members and kindhearted members of our community.

As a community church, our building is regularly used by different uniformed groups within the community including Guides, Scouts, Beavers, Rainbows Dance Club and classes, stay and play group for babies and toddlers etc. We also host a community weekly lunch club for the elderly in our community.

We welcome everyone into our church family and we believe that no one who comes in through our doors will leave without experiencing the love of Christ and warm fellowship with our members. For those who may be interested in having their baptism, or wedding or funeral at our church, please be assured that our doors are opened to you and we are always ready to help you with any of these. Further details on how to join the church and all our activities are on our website as well as contact information on pastoral and non-pastoral issues.

We hope that you will find our website very engaging and uplifting as you navigate through the pages.


Thank you.

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