TIGA Crèche Home

St Stephen’s TIGA’s is a crèche for children age six and under that meet every Sunday during the 10 o’clock service. Its leaders are all members of St Stephen’s church and we emphasise learning through play, creativity, music, and lessons based on well-loved bible stories.

We encourage the parents of the children to also attend so that we may offer a “learning together” approach to Christian education. There is a different theme each week, and if children miss a week there is a closed privacy facebook page for the parents to download materials from the session.

Each week we start with a prayer, and after our prayer we have a music and singing session, with easy children’s worship songs, and we use instruments suitable for the age group. We love messy crafts and are often painting, sticking and crafting alongside the story and theme of the week.

We often have a ‘snack – time’ and aim to provide a healthy drink and snack for the children. This often includes a carton of juice with fruit and biscuits for a snack. We are also starting to meet more regularly outside of the church, holding coffee mornings at local coffee shops, organising play sessions, and this year we had our first group trip to Birmingham Nature centre, which was funded by St Stephens TIGA’s through fundraising efforts and kind donations from our wonderful congregation.

We always look forward to welcoming new members, and are thrilled that so many of us are able to meet regularly. As leaders we feel like we have
the best job in the world, as not only are we helping others to learn and grow, we ourselves are learning all of the time.