C Team !

Welcome to C-Team!

We are a group of young Christian’s that meet on a Sunday Morning at 10am, and havent yet created a snazzy banner/logo for the website! We like to have a laugh, a chat and talk about everything going on in our lives in a fully relaxed and informal environment. Anyone over 12 years old is welcome to attend and take part in the range of activities we do, and also have breakfast with us every week!

We hold discussions, make crafts, play games, take photos, and offer help and support to each other. Newcomers are always welcome as are those who pop in and out.

C- Team is co-ordinated by Amanda Ross and Kate Jenks. Amanda and Kate came up through the church’s various Sunday school groups and eventually decided to run C-Team.

Recently C-Team has gone through a variety of changes, including providing breakfast in the morning, enabling the group to undertake faith in their own communities, watching movies and also organising C-Team social outings.

The recent addition of breakfast every week has created an even more relaxed and social environment to talk and debate about world events, Christian views and biblical discussions. The C-Team breakfast loyalty
card has also been launched, collect 5 stamps and you get to decide what you want for breakfast the next week!

Please feel free to contact us for more information about C-Team and how to get involved