The History


The earliest mention of Rednal (Wreodenhale) is in the Anglo Saxon Charter of AD780, where Offa, King of Mercia grants this little parcel of land for the support and upkeep of a very early Benedictine Monastery at Bredon near Pershore. Rednal is one of the oldest recorded place names in the midlands. It is traversed by the Roman road of Ryknield Street that ran over the top of the Lickey Hills.


The Church

It took more than 1100 years before Rednal gained its own church dedicated to St Stephen Church Photos1
the first Martyr. This was in 1951, a few years after the end of the Second World War when the Rednal House estate was being developed. Thanks to public subscriptions, mainly from within the Rednal community, much hard work, forward thinking and committed faith by the pioneering first
members of the congregation.

St Stephen The Martyr became the Parish Church of the newly created statutory parish of Rednal in 1953. Interestingly this was one of the new Queen’s earliest ecclesiastical acts. The oldest part of the Parish Church community is the children’s Sunday school, which first met for lessons in the builders hut whilst the church buildings were under construction. The congregation is blessed to have some of those “children”, now grandfathers and grandmothers themselves worshipping regularly and still living in the community



Bricks and Mortar

Church Photo 4The very simple plain building does not have the architectural merit of a medieval masterpiece, or the exuberance of a Victorian statement, but every piece has been added with love of church by the people of the area.  It is an active vibrant place, a reflective still place, combining the ability to be both things, as only a place filled with love can be. This can be seen at the great celebrations of Christmas and Easter, but also in the week by week family services, the church building is very adaptable from two or three to two or three hundred. Rednal Parish Church of St Stephen The Martyr is geographically at the centre, and socially and spiritually at the heart of Rednal.