Rebuilding the website

You may of noticed that the site isn’t looking, or working quite how it used to! Firstly our apologies for this. The site was hacked, not by any big group of hackers, just some random virus or bug which got in and made a bit of a mess before the site noticed and shut everything down. When we say everything, we mean it.

This left us in a bit of a pickle, several years worth of work, adding bits and bobs here and there and going off your feedback has now got to be redone. Its a challenge, however its in a way a blessing. We can change things that we didn’t like and make the site more streamlined.

This will take time, so please bear with us. We know that the site was used weekly to view the newsletter, other features such as the prayer room will be offline for a period of time and once again we are very sorry. But once its all fixed we will  let you know and normal service will be resumed.


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