Changing the Website

After the recent PCC meeting i have decided to make a few changes to the website. My main goal was to build upon the recent progress in relation to user contribution. You, the user, need to be included in the site and also feel that you gain something from logging onto it. The recent addition of The Prayer Room and also the TIGA blog have made the website more alive.

I wanted to build on these successes. Changing the layout of the home page was a big target for me, i wanted to make it simpler but more attractive, easier to use and at the same time more useful. The creation on the three sections i think does this. News and events, the calender, and then contact us. Three key sections of the website which now stand out even more.

The system of updates / News and events has changed. Now all updates come through a “Blog” type system. Each post sits historically and still has the familiar images to correspond to the type of post, but now they can be more in depth and also archived so the information is more accessible over a longer period of time.

I decided to get rid of the small calender which sat on the right hand side of the website previously. I favored a more interactive and also full screen version. This decision came to enable more users of the site get the information more clearly. The centre piece of the three sections stands out more and attracts the eye, then clicking it gives you a monthly picture of whats going on.

Finally the contact us page sites more prominently, this after all is a site for the community, so the community need to know they can send us a message and get involved.

Further changes will be taking place to the site, little bits here and there to complete the transition from the old site to the new. After this i will be asking for honest feed back on the new layout. Please feel free to message me via the site and let me know your opinion. I apologise for any inconvenience the changes have made, all information which was on the site before is still here. You may experience longer loading times for some pages but this will pass and normal service will resume as soon as possible.



Richard Keyte – Website Admin